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Advertisement Skin
Advertisement Skin
  • 10/11/2005
  • SiteKiosk 6.X
  • 263.67 KB
  • 3373
Note :
The pages you want to display should be only up to 120x60 pixels in size (unless you change the script below and know what you're doing) since there is no possibility to scroll.
Description :
This skin allows banner ads to be included into the Default Skin. The page can fit up to seven banner ads when the screen resolution is set at 1024x768.

The banners can be configured using the customize dialog of the skin in the SiteKiosk configuration tool (version 6.2)
Installation :
To include some HTML files, just change the variables below to the path you store them. Please be aware, that these files should not exceed 120 pixels in width and 60 pixels in height. If you cannot create your own HTML files, please just take those example files listed below and change them according to your requirements.
The path can be either somewhere on the Internet or local.

You will find the files you need to edit within the SiteKiosk installation folder at
skins\ads\scripts\ads.js skins\ads\ads\BannerX.htm (where X stands for the Banner number)
 Of course you should think of writing some kind of anchor around your advertisement image: e.g. (HTML file): <a href='javascript:parent.SiteKioskBrowser.Navigate ("", true)'><img></a>

Some examples (script file):

Banner[0] = ""; // this will display the upper left part of the SiteKiosk Homepage

Banner[1] = "file://c:/adserver/ad0.htm"; // Custom absolute local path
Banner[2] = "file://c:\\adserver\\ad1.htm"; // Another custom absolute local path Of course you can add as many banners as you would like e.g. Banner[0] = "../ads/ads/banner1.htm"; Banner[1] = "../ads/ads/banner2.htm"; Banner[2] = "../ads/ads/banner3.htm"; Banner[3] = "../ads/ads/banner4.htm"; Banner[4] = "../ads/ads/banner5.htm"; Banner[5] = "../ads/ads/banner6.htm"; Banner[6] = "../ads/ads/banner7.htm";