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Support Anfrage: sitecaster page unreachable


After "upgrading" Sitremote server to version we are unable to reach the sitecaster page. Getting error: 500.19 internal server error - the requested page can not be accessed because the related configuration data for page is invalid.
I have rebooted the server
I have verified the application pools are running
I have verified SQLexpress is running and siteremote and sitecster services are running
I'd like to know if there are any suggestions before I wipe this whole server out again and start over again.

Antwort: (3)

Re: sitecaster page unreachable 26.08.2019 17:32
Please make sure to use the check URL where you are accessing the SiteRemote server. You should use the FQDN, make sure the certificate matches the FQDN, use https to access the page and especially use the correct URL on the first page of the SiteRemote Server Configuration tool under Web Application root.
Re: sitecaster page unreachable 26.08.2019 17:45
I have updated the "web application root" on the server configuration tool with the FQDN, and verified it matches the ssl certificate. verified the services restarted, tested it, and I am getting the same results. I verfiied I can get to the remote site interface fine, and the http://localhost/administration fine still, just not the sitecaster page from http://localhost/sitecastercms (using both the FQDN or short name for the server, same results)
From a client machine using https://pmc-sitekiosk1 gets me the expected page (along with the FQDN), but clicking on the sitecaster button, I get the error page.
Re: sitecaster page unreachable 19.09.2019 23:12
this issue has been resolved, it can be closed