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Support Anfrage: URI Will not load


We are trying to access SharePoint within SiteKiosk, the root address loads, however, when trying to direct to a site within SharePoint, it displays "File not found" ...it behaves correctly logged out of SiteKiosk, so its not a computer/user permissions error.

URL.net works but URL.net/team/team-name does not.

Antwort: (3)

Re: URI Will not load 04.09.2019 22:09

To better understand the nature of the error, please send a copy of your most recent log files to ab(at)provisio.com. The log files are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Logfiles folder.

Best Regards.
Re: URI Will not load 04.09.2019 23:09

Thank you for sending the files. I noticed a few things:

1. There was this his error in you SiteKiosk log files ... ***This%20version%20of%20your%20browser%20is%20not%20supported.%0D%0APlease%20update%20your%20browser%20to%20the%20latest%20version.&ErrorDetails=Error%3A%20***This%20page%20does%20not%20support%20Internet%20Explorer%20releases%20older%20than%20version%2010.%20Please%20update%20your%20web%20browser.&Name=BrowserNotSupported&ErrorCategory=spfx

Basically, can you say what version of IE you are using?

2. Have you tried our Chrome browser? I have used Sharepoint with Chrome before.

3. You posted that you were using SiteKiosk version as 8.2 released in 2012. We would recommend that you upgrade to SiteKiosk 9.7 when best possible. Windows 7/8/10 are supported.

Best regards.
Re: URI Will not load 09.09.2019 17:38

Thank you for clarifying the nature of the problem with the video you sent. This can be resolved by editing the configuration file and changing this default setting (line 17) from false to true:

<ie8-compatibility-view enabled="true" />

Reason: This setting will emulate whatever IE version installed on Windows in SiteKiosk even IE11.

Be sure to close the Configuration Editor before you open the file in NotePad. SiteKiosk needs to be started twice for the setting to take effect. Simply start SiteKiosk in Start Once mode then close it right after. Start and run it in Start Once mode again to test the issue.

I could not test this due to security of your intranet services. I did make the change to your config file attached. You can review and test further.

Best Regards.