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Archiv: touchscreen lcd monitor from 6.4" to 21"



POS Terminal product is specially designed for POS application such as all-in-on system,POS standard,Open systems and customized displays. This series features the most innovative and highest value-added performance with a wide range from6.4" to 21", different housings and mounting methods, as well as a numbers of flexible options including Resistive (4 wire,5 wire) touch screen, SAW(Surface Acoustic Wave) touchscreen,Capacitive touchpanel,MSR(Magnetic stripe reader) Holders,Digital Keyboard(40 keys)£¬Water/Dust resistant IP65 Standard and cable management device, or customized device. Compliance with CE, FCC, UL, ROHS etc.


Technology includes Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW), Resistive (4-wire,5-wire,8-wire), Capacitive etc. USB or RS232 interface for your optional. Compliance with CE, FCC, ROHS etc. From 5" to 42" available for CRT or LCD TFT monitors.


CTS DeskTop Touch Monitors are offered with a choice of four-wire or five-wire resistive touch screen,capacitive touch screen or SAW touch screen to meet the unique needs of your various applications. CTS monitors feature touch stability, flexible mounting, seamless watertight touch screen sealing, adjustable display angle and VESA mounting capability. By combining different mechanical designs (Desktop and Panel Mount) with different sizes (6.4" to 21"),CTS DeskTop Touch Monitors are the ideal solutions for eductation, financial institutions, entertainment, kiosks, medical care, government agencies, touch phones, Car-video system/GPS,Industrial control system/CNC,Information kiosk system,Self-service POS system,Gaming system,Hotel Check-in system,Paperless examination system,Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS),VOD system etc.Compliance with CE, FCC, UL, ROHS etc.


CTS Open frame LCD monitors are bare metal framed monitors with different form factors including metal/plastic housing, Resistive, SAW, Capacitive,touch screens with RS232 or USB interface, digital/analogue/video inputs jacks and water/dust resistant IP65 standard, and tempered glass. CTS Openframe LCD monitor sizes including 6.4", 8.4", 10.4",12.1", 15", 17", and 19", 21" for the Info-Kiosk,POS, Gaming,ATM applications as well as for the industrial segment. CTS offers such good with best price and quality, The products compliance CE, FCC, UL, ROHS.

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