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Archiv: IE Skin with Desktop Start Page


I very much like the look and feel of the Desktop Start Page with the IE Skin which shows the Start button, volume etc. After test driving it a few minutes, however, I have run into some minor issues with this configuration. The first issue I have is the desktop moves on top of other applications when it is clicked. This may make it appear to the user that their application has disappeared if they accidentally click the desktop. This leads to my second issue which is the way the Task Bar shows a marker for the "Startpage". This "Startpage" is actually the desktop for the kiosk user so it is odd to see it on the task bar. It would be nice if the Startpage wasn't shown on the Task Bar and the desktop was locked behind other applications the way the "Links" Startpage functions. (the "Links" start page does remain behind other applications when clicked but I can't figure out how to make the desktop startpage function in that manner)
Which brings me to my final observation after test driving the basic skins provided with SiteKiosk. What I would really like to see is a desktop startpage that is always in the background with the IE Skin style showing the Start button, task bar, audio controls and clock, and have the "Links" page be either the desktop or the home page of the browser. It would also be nice if the "Links" page could be used as a page in the screen saver rotation to draw attention to all of the different uses of the kiosk.
I have spent some time trying different configuration options and have not been able to make it work in the manner I have described in the previous paragraph. If there is something I may have missed that would allow me to make my kiosk function in this manner please let me know.

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Re: IE Skin with Desktop Start Page 25.07.2006 15:35

if you want to define the "Link Startpage" as start page if you open the browser in the "Desktop Startpage" you have to enter the path to the "Link Startpage" (C:\Program Files\SiteKiosk\skins\public\Startpages\Default\Start.html) in the SiteKiosk configuration at -->Browser-->Start page-->Desktop Statpage-->Customize-->Browser Startpage.

You can also add the path to the "Link Startpage" to the Screen Saver settings.

There is no possibility that the desktop doesn't move to the top, but you could get back you applications and windows by clicking on them at the taskbar.

Feel free to change or modulate the SiteKiosk dialogs with html, JavaScript or the SiteKiosk Object Model.
For more information please refer the SiteKiosk Object Model help or may first have a look at the SiteKiosk help to Customization Skin.

Best regards,
Michael Olbrich