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FAQ: SiteKiosk and the "HP Quick Launch Buttons" application
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ArticleType: FAQ
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Platform: Windows XP Professional
Language: English
Creation Date: 10/25/2010 10:53 AM
Last Modification Date: 2/22/2012 4:37 PM
Product: SiteKiosk Windows
Version: 7.x (and later)
Views: 10816
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Created By: PROVISIO\olbrich (Provisio)
Modified By: PROVISIO\olbrich (Provisio)
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Since the "HP Quick Launch Buttons" application (a known fact for version 6.5.x) is incompatible with the SiteKey driver of SiteKiosk (a known fact for version 7.x), you should remove “HP Quick Launch Buttons“ before installing SiteKiosk.
On some HP Systems the name of the HP software component might be slightly different. Alternatively you might consider to remove all HP software components before installing SiteKiosk.

Otherwise, you may experience a blue screen crash when booting up the machine.

If a blue screen crash has already occurred, you should restore your Windows system (by pressing F8 during boot-up and choosing “Last Known Good Configuration”) and uninstall “HP Quick Launch Buttons.“

Windows XP:
Windows Vista:
Windows 7:
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