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Support Request: Alert


i have test siteremote and have three machines. On two of them i have alert that say "The device is not connected to a power supply", This is strange because it not any possibility to run them on battery, They are always connected to the power supply?

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Re: Alert 9/20/2018 12:03 PM

Generally SiteKiosk is designed to be used on Tablet devices.

This information is just queried from the Android system and it seems that this hardware / Android system doesn’t support it.
To don’t get that alert again you can disable the option “Android (e.g. switching to battery power)” again (is disabled by default) in your user settings on SiteRemote (-->Administration-->User-->Edit).

Also note:
On Android devices the performance and stability depends heavily on the Android operating system the vendor installed on the device.
A lot of vendors make individual changes to the Android operating system they put on their devices.
These changes can have a big impact on performance and stability, especially if the devices are in the low price range.
The best test results with SiteKiosk Android we generally have with Tablet devices making fewer changes to the original Android system from Google.

Michael Olbrich