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Support Request: Installation issue


I downloaded the newest version of Sitekiosk to update to the last version. I believe it uninstalled the previous version and when it ran the installation I do not get an error that I can see but the program is almost finished installing and then it goes to a Rolling Back Action The message that appears after the rollback is that the wizard was interrupted before Site kiosk could be completely installed …..Please run setup again. Reboot and tried again multiple times with multiple versions and get the same problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Re: Installation issue 9/21/2018 4:21 PM
Where there any other errors when this rollback happened? Do you have any antivirus installed?

Generally there is no known issue with the installation on supported Windows operating systems.

In some cases it can happen that the Windows user that is used to install SiteKiosk is not able / allowed to create the SiteKiosk user account or to apply security settings (policies and Windows access rights) to the local SiteKiosk user account that will be created during the installation
This can be caused by Windows restrictions (Domain Settings…) or other installed security tools (Antivirus…). Please check.

- Alternatively you can try installing SiteKiosk without applying the security settings first by using the custom installation.
Then (after the installation of SiteKiosk) you can use the System-Security-Wizard to apply the security settings (-->Protected)
Further information here:

- Another option would be to first install SiteKiosk without creating the SiteKiosk user account.
Open the command line (cmd.exe) and then switch to the folder you downloaded SiteKiosk9.exe to.
Then enter:

Then (after the installation of SiteKiosk) go to the SiteKiosk folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk) and use this command to create the user:
Systemsecurity.exe /install

Finally use the System-Security-Wizard to apply the security settings (-->Protected)
Further information here: