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Support Request: sitecaster


please tell me what is the problem?"Content not yet" appears"

Answer: (1)

Re: sitecaster 9/25/2018 8:55 AM
You need to make sure that SiteKiosk with a SiteCaster CMS configuration is running on the client machine (e.g. SiteKiosk WIndows: choose "SiteCaster" at "-->Start Page & Browser" before starting SiteKiosk) so that the content will be downloaded.
You can find a step by step description of this in the "SiteCaster CMS - Tutorials" here (first video “01 - Quick-Start tutorial video”):

Please Note:
On the first startup of SiteKiosk after the installation the publish process can take a bit longer (15-20 Minutes) as there might also be an App update necessary.
Also see “In some cases the published content might not be displayed immediately on the client machine.”:
You will also find corresponding messages in the SiteKiosk log.