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Support Request: Chromium mode is not starting, hangs on white screen. Win10


We are using Sitekiosk for many years and on many different cliënts with no major issues.
To my surprise a fresh installation of Sitekiosk 9.6 on a fresh installed Windows 10 Pro x64 cliënt (1709, dutch language) doesn't work.
When choosing the Chrome Browser, starting Sitekiosk hangs on a white screen with the drawing of a safe displayed in grey.
None of the escape mechanisms (esc-key or other keyb combination) can be used then. Only a reboot can be used to leave this situation.
When switching to Internet Explorer mode, everything works.

It is in fact exact the same behaviour as already mentioned by another customer in
This ticket however was closed because it was continued by E-mail, so I have not fount a solution there.

I've already tried installing all Windows updates (and thus upgrade to 1803), removed all .net and VisualC++ components (and reinstalled them during manual Sitekiosk installation), uninstalled Antivirus-software, removing and reinstalling the chrome browser, etc. All to no avail.
Also a completely uninstall of Sitekiosk (by using the "change" option in Add/Remove programs) before reinstalling or even downgrading to Sitekiosk 9.5 using this method did not help.

I'm currently out of ideas, so any help would be appreciated.
(Attached a .zip file with the logs-folder and the (very basic) configuration file "test.skcfg")

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Re: Chromium mode is not starting, hangs on white screen. Win10 9/26/2018 4:13 PM

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reproduce this behavior. I have checked this with using your SiteKiosk configuration on a Windows 10 ver. 1803 system and with display language set to “Nederlands (Nederland)” in a first and “Nederlands (Belgie)” in a second test.

But can you check if it works on your system when changing the display language on Windows 10 to English?
(-->Settings-->Time & Language-->Region & language)

If that does help please send a ZIP of the file “SiteKioskNG.log” from the folder “C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Local\Temp” ([User Name] = the Windows user you started SiteKiosk within)
+ the information at which date & time the problem occurred.

Michael Olbrich

P.S. In regards to the e-mail feedback of the other costumer from ticket 24151 the problem was caused by a faulty .NET installation on Windows.
Re: Chromium mode is not starting, hangs on white screen. Win10 9/27/2018 3:18 PM

I changed the language settings as you requested, but it didn't work.
After reinstalling Sitekiosk, an error window pop-upped when starting in chromium-mode:

CiceroUIWndFrame: Sitekioskloauncher.exe - application error
The exception unknown software exception (0xe0434352) occurred in the application at location 0x000....00777F17D2

With this additional info I googled some more and found this site:
At this moment I'm following the described steps. Long-shot if you ask me because I'm using a clean install, but we'll see.
Also tried some older versions of sitekiosk (9.x)and they all give the same problem. This on a 1709 and clean 1803 setup. (freshly downloaded .iso from MS)

I'll keep you posted.

kind regards,
Re: Chromium mode is not starting, hangs on white screen. Win10 9/27/2018 3:20 PM

It might be about a MS Office XP component that is installed on that system. With Google I found this:

Control panel and then to Add/Remove Progams
Add/Remove Features Office Shared Features then to Alternative User Input
Make Speech and Handwriting unavailable.
Click Apply or OK

But there are also a log of other results:

Michael Olbrich
Re: Chromium mode is not starting, hangs on white screen. Win10 10/8/2018 10:24 AM

I was able to resolve / bypass the issue with a manual reinstall of Windows using the media creation toolkit from MS.
Normally we install Windows using an answerfile, but for some unknown reason this method / our answerfile is not compatible anymore with Sitekiosk.
Despite following many threats and support sites, none of the mentioned solutions did work.

During testing, I even found that the issue also exist on our older Windows 7 installations.
Those installation routines haven't changed and are actively used on several systems with Sitekiosk. Luckily these systems do not use the Chromium mode at the time.

Too bad I was not able to find a cause or a 'real' solution.
So, the manual installation did the trick for us.
Even after installing all the drivers, updates and tools we use, the problem dit not come back.

You may mark this topic als Closed.

Kind regards,
Peter De Ridder
Re: Chromium mode is not starting, hangs on white screen. Win10 10/8/2018 10:59 AM
Thank you for your feedback.