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Support Request: Terminal Offline until first visiting other sites


We are running a website built with Angular on sitekiosk.
We are using the chrome based browser.

I've disabled all surfing area restrictions to rule out that as a cause of the problem
(Surfing area>Access to other web addresses> Granted)
I can verify that it works because all websites load as they should (google, facebook, etc)

However, when we try to load our webpage, which is set as the home page, it does not load properly
(I can submit the URL privately if you provide an email, would rather not share it publicly)

Oddly enough, if we first load some other websites, our own website then loads correctly.
The requirement is also oddly specific - we must open 2 separate websites on the site before our site loads properly.
This is very perplexing and we cannot understand it! Any advice you can give would be much appreciated.

Replication steps:
1. launch sitekiosk.
Shown Terminal offline error
2. navigate to I notice the site takes a while to load the first time.
3. try to go to our home page, shown error again
4. go to again and launch one of the sites, I have been using the google cloud blog..
Site opens in new window
I try to use the home button to go to our site, it does not work.
5. go to again and launch a different site. I have been using
Site opens in new window.
using the home button will now load our site with no issues.

Oddly enough, it's not the order of the sites visited in steps 4&5. Loading either of them singly does not unlock our website.
However, after visiting at least two of them, our site loads correctly.

Answer: (5)

Re: Terminal Offline until first visiting other sites 9/30/2018 9:00 PM

Some other findings - I tried visiting the two sites which solved the problem individually, it did not help

1. opened sitekiosk, faced terminal offline error
2. loaded, tried home button again - same error
3. loaded, tried home button - same error
4. navigated to, tried home button - same error
5. clicked on google blog link, opened in new window, tried home button on new window, same error.
6. clicked on brilliant earth link, opened in new window, tried home button on new window, our site works now.

After this, our site consistently works on any window.

Please help!
Re: Terminal Offline until first visiting other sites 9/30/2018 9:10 PM

OK, it seems to have little to do with the webpage loaded, and more to do with just opening (then closing) a webpage in a new window.

1. try my home page, it does not work
2. go to made with angular, then try my home, not working
3. go back to angular, open 1 site. try my home on both the new window and the old window. Not working
4. close the new window. Try my home on the old window. It works!!

Sorry for the three message spam.

Please help! Thank you.
Re: Terminal Offline until first visiting other sites 10/1/2018 5:08 PM
If you are able, you can send your config file and logfiles to adams(at) and I can test this. Also, do you get the same behavior when you switch internet browsers?
Re: Terminal Offline until first visiting other sites 10/4/2018 6:45 AM
Hi Adams,

Our website isn't supported on IE.

I mailed you two days ago and didn't get a response, could you confirm if you've received it please?

Also, the plot thickens ...... sometimes upon opening sitekiosk all we have to do is wait about 2 mins before clicking the home shortcut, and we are brought to our webpage.

Please help! very frustrating.
It seems the site definitely works on sitekiosk, it just takes some time to start working.
Re: Terminal Offline until first visiting other sites 12/5/2018 11:08 PM
This issue was elevated to our development department and they could not replicate the issue. Since your site does not work well with IE, there should be an update to the Chromium browser within the newest version Sitekiosk that may help with the issue but it will be several weeks depending on testing before that is released.