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Support Request: Pop up screen


Hi - we need a function where we can push a pop up screen in front of the SiteKiosk in case of an error or lost communication from a locally installed program, and it seems like this is adressed in this thread:

However we are using the Chrome browser, so we probably need the basic information which is mentioned can be obtained by contacting support.

Can you help with further information?

Answer: (1)

Re: Pop up screen 10/1/2018 11:53 AM

I would advise using an external script for this where you detect the event with any other script or method and then use the SiteKiosk Object Model to create a top most HTML dialog in SiteKiosk.

Here 2 examples you can use as basis:
1 creates a Popup when a certain registry entry is written (in the example via SiteRemote):

2. An example that creates a terms of use overlay (2. Overlay method (for SiteKiosk Windows only)):

In the external script you still must use the IE based Object Model.

Only when using Object Model script in a web page with Chrome Browser skin you need to use the new object model.
If still necessary please contact us via e-mail (support-europe(at) to receive a basic documentation.

Michael Olbrich