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Support Request: Kiosk Account User cannot print



when i launch SiteKiosk with restricted User i cannot print throug an application launch automaticly
it works fine in start mode

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Re: Kiosk Account User cannot print 10/1/2018 2:53 PM

If you installed your printer after installing SiteKiosk, please refer to item no. 6 in the Tips and recommendations at the bottom of this page.

Otherwise you may login to the SiteKiosk user account and check the application and printer settings.
Here the information about how getting access:

Michael Olbrich
Re: Kiosk Account User cannot print 10/1/2018 3:51 PM
thanks for the quick reply.
When i set user in security manager to unprotected and test printing with restricted account it works fine
when i change to protect nothing happened

i have modified kiosk user setting and add the right to configure printing settings and now it works
Re: Kiosk Account User cannot print 10/1/2018 4:27 PM
Thank you for your feedback.