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Support Request: License Error


Rapid assistance would be great,
We changed a machine on the test site, this resulted in a licensing error
We have a license error that states we run more than 2 machines, but we are not.
The platform confirms there are no more than 2 machines under the licensing tab.

Kind regards,

Answer: (3)

Re: License Error 10/4/2018 9:29 AM

Actually I cannot see any license warning in the team MK2.

Note that the license count also applies to machines in the waste bin and that it can take some minutes until the message disappears if you fixed it (e.g. by deleting the machines in the waste).

Michael Olbrich
Re: License Error 10/4/2018 9:37 AM
Hi thanks for the quick reply,
I logged in this morning and the license error has dissapeared, the machine on site has a status of online again everything is ok.
Re: License Error 10/4/2018 9:52 AM
Thank you for your feedback.