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Support Request: Re screensaver



Thank you for answering. So far so good. But I need more help with the right setting.
On the the tablet is running just one website in Fullscreen Browser. And this is working fine.

The setting for the Screensaver as shown in the attachment. Is this OK? Is the Start application OK?
Is “Restart” OK? Is the SiteCaster the right option?

Support Request: screensaver

I would like to set up a screensaver for site kiosk android. Which configuration is needed for this?
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Re: screensaver PROVISIO\abdinghoff (Provisio) 10/15/2018 5:24 PM
open the configuration editor of SiteKiosk Android and then choose Screensaver from the menu on the left side (second from top) and configure the screensaver to your liking.

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Re: Re screensaver 10/16/2018 1:31 PM

your configuration seems to be ok. Did you also configure a screensaver in SiteCaster and published it to this machine?

Regards Martin
Re: Re screensaver 10/16/2018 4:58 PM
Martin, yes both (configure and published).
Re: Re screensaver 10/16/2018 5:02 PM
ok, and what happens after the idle time is elapsed while no touch or other interaction has been done to the device?
Re: Re screensaver 10/16/2018 5:55 PM
Then I get a blank page
Re: Re screensaver 10/16/2018 6:05 PM
Blank page is a white screen
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