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Support Request: Issue no recognizing payment devices


I'm having problems trying to make my devices to work.
I have a coin acceptor and a note reader connected to a cctalk board, which is connected to my kiosk PC on the port COM4.
I've replaced all the cables and took it from another device that is working.
I wonder why the Note Reader is being recognized, but not the Coin Acceptor.
I need help to configure this Coin Acceptor on my SiteKiosk and make it all to work together.
Print Screens and config files attached.

Answer: (1)

Re: Issue no recognizing payment devices 10/22/2018 1:24 PM

I am sorry but SiteKiosk 8.8 is out of support. This ticket is being closed.

A few general remarks. Try using the same SiteKiosk version on the new machine as is being used on the old one. Copy over the configuration file from the machine where it works to the new one, so you are using a configuration file that is known to work.

If you have done that already then you are more likely having a hardware problem, e.g. not enough electric power which is one of the main reasons that payment hardware is not detected.

Also make sure that the operating systems on the two machines match and you are using the same set of drivers for the payment hardware (if required). Also make sure that the port settings match on the two machines.