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Support Request: Mr David McCann


We're running a licensed version SiteKiosk on a MS Surface Pro 6 Win10 Pro 64 bit Build 1803. The device is on a LAN connection to our Domain. All Power settings are set to "Never". We have an issue where it takes a considerable amount of time to return to the IE Homepage after the Screensaver routine has applied. Is there any settings or changes I can make to speed this up ?

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Re: Mr David McCann 11/9/2018 1:31 PM

Generally this applies to the performance of the system and on my test system displaying the start page after deactivating the screen saver takes less than a second.
But as I had no content displayed in the screen saver with my test it may applies to closing the videos you added to the SiteKiosk Player screen saver.

You can test if it works faster when removing the videos.

Otherwise you can change a setting that disables the reset of the SiteKiosk Browser on screen saver activation (it was implemented for a faster usage after deactivating the Digital Signage screensaver).
This doesn’t influence deleting temporary internet files and cookies but the start page URL already loads in the background while the screen saver is active.

To do this open the SiteKiosk configuration file with an editor and search for this line:


Then change the value to “false” and save the changes:


- On Windows versions with UAC activated (7/8/10) start the editor you use to change the SKCFG settings as Administrator (Run as Administrator) to be sure that you can save the changes (because of UAC).

Michael Olbrich