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Support Request: Access to removable storage


How do you setup the kiosk so that when a user plugs in a USB drive (removable storage) they can view and access their files?

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Re: Access to removable storage 4/18/2019 8:13 PM
In order to use a USB drive with SiteKiosk, follow these instructions:

1) Plug in your USB flash drive while being logged into the admin profile.
2) In the SiteKiosk configuration wizard allow the corresponding drive letter in the files and downloada section. (Basic> Files & downloads> activate sitekiosk file manager)
3) Once that's done, go to Access and Security > Windows and Dialog boxes and delete the entries; "Save a Copy*", "Save*" and "Open*" from the Window title column. (This step is only necessary for testing in the admin account.)
4) Open the System Security Manager (All Programs > SiteKiosk > System Security Manager) and select Customized.
5) Select “File System” in the tree view on the left.
6) Under “Hide Drives in Explorer”, uncheck the drives that correspond with the drive letter of your plugged in USB stick