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FAQ: How to update SiteRemote 1.5/2.0 Beta/2.0 to the 2.0.2 Release Version


Before updating your SiteRemote Server, please back up your existing SiteRemote server database using the tools provided by SQL Server.
If you have enough available hard drive space, you might also want to back up the file ..\Provisio\Common\Teams folder. This folder contains log and performance data as well as configuration files and other terminal files.
In the case that you made individual changes to strings of the SiteRemote server, export the strings, otherwise your changes will be overwritten. You can find the export feature on the strings pages in the administration section of your SiteRemote server. There you can also import your strings again after the update.

If you are using SiteRemote 1.5 you can now install the 2.0.2 release version over your existing 1.5 installation.

If you previously installed the beta version of SiteRemote 2.0 or the 2.0 release version, uninstall this version. While uninstalling this version, please do not select the data and databank deletion option if you wish to continue using the teams you created and the registered terminals. Continue by installing the release version of SiteRemote 2.0.2. If you intend to continue using the old data/databases, make sure to use the same settings you used while installing the previous version. When the installation is complete, you may have to specify the settings again that you set on the settings page of the SiteRemote server administration.

If the beta version of SiteRemote 2.0 was installed prior to the installation of the release version, there may be files left over in the folder ..\PROVISIO as well as entries in the Start menu when the uninstallation process is complete. The same holds true in the event that you uninstall the beta version without installing the release version. You can delete the remaining files manually.

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