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Support Request: Installation of new USB EMP 800.14 v6



I have just been sent examples of the latest EMP 800.14 v6 USB coin mechanisms from wh munzprufer.

I have followed the instructions on on how to install the unit.

However, the error message UNKNOWN COIN VALIDATOR CONNECTED shows.

I have downloaded and replaced the latest coin acceptor configuration and it still doesn't work properly.

As per the website, attached is the dump.ini file.

I have uploaded a screenshot of what I see at

I have also uplaoded a photo of the side of the coin mechanism to

Please can you instruct me on what to do next??


PS Really appreciating all the help I have been given so far - it's first class.

Answer: (3)

Re: Installation of new USB EMP 800.14 v6 PROVISIO\olbrich (Provisio) 1/21/2009 4:43 PM

Thank you for the detailed information and your compliment.

I will contact you via e-mail to send the altered empconf.ini file for your EMP and further instructions.

Michael Olbrich
Re: Installation of new USB EMP 800.14 v6 carecapop (User) 6/2/2010 12:14 PM
hi ,hi have similar problen,but emp800 is detect by "empcon_new"
USB EMP 800.14 v6

the emp800 is detected as ATS/EUR (8S60.101 SCH) in COM4 sho me the coin acept in sitecash everithing look perfect

but not acept any coin all is regected 1€,2€,0.50€

Identity: "8C91.204TRY1" Locale: 1978 Version: 14
Name: "??? (8C91.204TRY1)"
0=0.100000,1,"??? 0.10",""
1=0.200000,1,"??? 0.20",""
2=0.500000,1,"??? 0.50",""
3=1.000000,1,"??? 1.00",""
4=2.000000,1,"??? 2.00",""
9=0.250000,1,"??? 0.25",""
a=0.500000,1,"??? 0.50",""
b=1.000000,1,"??? 1.00",""
Re: Installation of new USB EMP 800.14 v6 PROVISIO\olbrich (Provisio) 6/2/2010 12:39 PM

Please save the Dump.ini file you can create in the dialog box that appears when detecting the EMP (-->Payment devices-->wh emp800-->Configure-->Detect).
Proceed by sending the file (…\SiteKiosk\Dump.ini) to us (e-mail support-europe(at) so that we can adjust the empconf.ini and make it work for you.
If possible, submit the configuration of your coin acceptor as well.
You will find this information on the silver nameplate attached on the side of your EMP.

The contact information you need is contained in the displayed dialog box as well as here:

Further information you will find in this FAQ article:

Michael Olbrich