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Informe Bug: Use of sessionStorage in javascript


See above


I have the following two functions that I am using to determine whether a customer has already confirmed our terms and conditions pages:

function setConfirmed() {
sessionStorage.setItem("confirmed", "yes");

function checkConfirm() {
if(typeof(Storage) !== "undefined") {
if (sessionStorage.confirmed) {
return sessionStorage.getItem("confirmed");
else return "";
else return "";


When I test in chrome on the desktop that work fine. closing the tab causes the storage to be cleared. Everything seems to work fine.

When I test with SiteKiosk setup to use chrome it appears that the sessionStorage variable is never set. checkConfirm() always returns ""

When I test with SiteKiosk setup for IE the sessionStorage is set, but never cleared when the user either logs out or the session times out.

Ideally I would like this to work for Chrome, but would settle for an IE solution as well.

Note this is a Windows 10 setup.

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Re: Use of sessionStorage in javascript 05/07/2017 20:44
Please try updating to SiteKiosk 9.5 to determine if that resolves your issue. Download the current version of SiteKiosk, SiteKiosk 9.5, here:

We tested this on Windows 10 with SiteKiosk 9.5.4117 using “The sessionStorage Object” example on the W3Schools page and there was no problem so it does not seem to be a general issue with the sessionStorage Object in SiteKiosk. Can you confirm that example works as expected for you as well in SiteKiosk 9.5?