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Informe Bug: MS Surface Display Too Small


Not certain what's meant by furnishing "Reproduction" here.


I've already phoned in this same Support Request on Friday, August 25th, and now following up with this formal Support Request.

Our new Microsoft Surface (Windows 10) devices will not properly display the SiteKiosk application itself. The app's window is much too small and won't maximize or resize. This is true of the of both the Start SiteKiosk and Configure SiteKiosk modules. Also, the resulting kiosk mode the app places the device in is also much too small where the resulting Web URL is concerned.

Already tried all Windows resolutions to no avail. Also changing Windows' Scale and Layout (zoom) has very, very limited effect.

As it stands, the product is untenable for us. Looking for a remedy as soon as possible in order to avoid ditching in favor of native Windows Kiosk/Assigned Access mode which we're trying to avoid under deadline.

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Re: MS Surface Display Too Small 29/08/2017 19:00
When you say the device will not properly display the SiteKiosk application, can you desribe in more detail what you mean? Is the size off? Do the elements not display correct? Can you provide a screenshot? If so, send that to ward(at)

To adjust the size your content displays while SiteKiosk is running, you can set a default zoom property for content in the Chrome based browser under >Basic >Start Page & Browser >Customized >Settings.
Re: MS Surface Display Too Small 29/08/2017 19:57
Screenshot really isn't necessary; very simple symptom. The SiteKiosk Configuration and Start windows display much too small to be of any use in the default Surface Windows 10 display. Subsequent Kiosk mode produces much the same result where Web app is concerned.

I've since had some limited success trying to workaround the issue by experimenting with Windows Compatibility properties launching/running SiteKiosk. Right-clicking the program's executables allows configuration via the Compatibility tab. Within Settings, I've chosen " Override high DPI scaling behavior...", and selected Scaling Performance by: System.

This has alleviated the issue to a degree BUT there's a major problem with doing so. The touchpad/external mouse then no longer properly navigates when the Kiosk mode is invoked. So, without proper mouse behavior I'm back to ground zero and the product remains unusable.
Re: MS Surface Display Too Small 29/08/2017 22:22
The reason I asked for the screenshot is so that I could compare it to the way it looks on the Surface Pro devices in our test lab. Did you try using the default zoom function I mentioned earlier. This will scale the display of your browser based content.