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Informe Bug: Failed upgrade caused keyboard lockout


Open SiteKiosk configuration
Click on Update available link at top
Go through steps to install update
Installation gets to the end, then rolls back halfway and fails
SiteKiosk no longer appears in programs list
Keyboard no longer recognized even after restart
After restart there is no way to log into computer


When I tried upgrading from 9.3.3836 to the next release a few months ago, the installation failed halfway through. After the installation failed, the previous version of SiteKiosk had been removed but the setting to block input devices seemed to still be in effect because even though SiteKiosk is not running I was not able to use a keyboard and got completely locked out of my computer because I was unable to log in. This happened earlier last year as well. In both cases the computers had to be wiped and Windows had to be reinstalled to be able to get access to them after the failed installation. Luckily both instances were on test devices but I do not want my live devices to get outdated but I am afraid to try upgrading them. Is this a known issue and has it been resolved in a newer version of SiteKiosk 9? Thank you.

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Re: Failed upgrade caused keyboard lockout 28/09/2017 19:36
There is no known issue when updating sitekiosk. Generally if you are going to update, make sure sitekiosk is not started or in autostart mode when updating. if you are having issues with the keyboard locking, take a look at this posting on how to unlock your keyboard