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Informe Bug: Black Screen on Sitekiosk


Rebot windows after automatic startup setting
Sitekiosk start but black screen appear


Good Afternoon we have a problem on a sitekiosk instalation.
We set the automatic sitekiosk startup using our domain user, when windows strart after rebot, sitekiosk start but a black window appear.
It was working without problem since yesterday but now each time we start sitekiosk in automatic startup mode black screen appear and we cannot use our kiosk machine.

If we start in strart once mode the same configuration, it works fine.
Please help us to find a solution for this problem
In our config we use sitekiosk start screen with IE browser
Kind Regards
Nicola Falcone

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Re: Black Screen on Sitekiosk 09/11/2017 8:54

Also SiteKiosk 9.3 is out of support (the current SiteKiosk version is 9.6) there is no known issue when using SiteKiosk on a supported operating system or even with domain user accounts.

As it works in “Run once” mode it must apply to an issue with the domain user (e.g. user restrictions)-
A black screen usually means that shell replacement is activated but SiteKiosk.exe (the SiteKiosk Browser) doesn’t start.

You should check the Windows event log for any warnings or errors at the time span the SiteKiosk Browser should start or find out what has changed since SiteKiosk has started within rhe domain user account (e.g. domain policies or antivirus updates).

Michael Olbrich