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Informe Bug: Can't launch sitekiosk android


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Sitekiosk Android is installed on the new HUAWEI MediaPad T3 10 (AGS-L09). But when I try to launch it, "Huawei Share" application settings open and when I tip on back it says "Please clear default activities and tip on back". I have tried to change the setting on this page, but no result.

Do have any suggestions?

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Re: Can't launch sitekiosk android 21/03/2018 15:38

When SiteKiosk Android starts it tries to set SiteKiosk Android as default activity (Home Screen) on Android.
It seems that there is another App installed on this device that is set as default activity and prevents that SiteKiosk can be set as default activity for the home screen.

You need check which app is set as default activity and change its settings (mostly the problem is solved by clearing the defaults in the corresponding Android App)

General note:
On Android devices the performance and stability depends heavily on the Android operating system the vendor installed on the device.
A lot of vendors make individual changes to the Android operating system they put on their devices.
These changes can have a big impact on performance and stability.
The best test results with SiteKiosk Android we generally have with Tablet devices making fewer changes to the original Android system from Google.
For testing SiteKiosk with a particular device we provide SiteKisk Android as download before purchasing any license:

Michael Olbrich