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Informe Bug: Problem startin Sitekiosk


Start RDP connection to sitekiosk machine
connect as our domain account
start ONCE sitekiosk don't work


Good afternoon Michael,
after your last email we have done a test enablig mstc.exe under systemm manager settings.
But problem stil occurs, this video show result of starting sitekiosk ONCE with our user account.
We haven't done the test with sitekiosk restricted user account because the sitekiosk user in not enabled to use RDP in our domain policies.

Besides, the strange thing is that, if we run sitekiosk from a RDP Connection (my PC - RDP to the sitekiosk machine) we have the problem you can see on the video, but if we run same configuration directly from sitekiosk machine, it works.
So it seems to be an error when we are in RDP connection.

This is a problem only with Win10 machines, we have a lot of sitekiosk machine running win7 and the problem there isn't.
Kind Regards

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Re: Problem startin Sitekiosk 15/10/2018 16:35

this is not a bug. RDP is not part of SiteKiosk nor do we advertise that SiteKiosk is explicitly working with RDP. Also you have already opened a support request regarding this matter (, please stick to that existing support request instead of opening an additional bug report. This bug report will be closed.
Re: Problem startin Sitekiosk 15/10/2018 16:47
i can not attach files to the opened request if yes, please let me know hot to do this.
Did you see the video?
We need assistance for our problem, so please help us to understand what happens
Kind Regards
Re: Problem startin Sitekiosk 15/10/2018 17:06
Again, please stay within the already opened support request. If you need to provide additional files ask the person who is in touch with you regarding the existing support request how they would like you to send them the files.

The video file you attached to this bug report is only 1.2 kb and cannot be opened. Again post in the original support request and ask Mr. Kurze how to handle sending him the video file.

On a side note, there are other customers who are using RDP under Windows 10 with SiteKiosk without any problems. As Mr. Kurze has already told you, this is most likely domain policy related.