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Soporte de pedidos: Want to run just a single application



I work in a medical office for a local university and we need a kiosk solution for a check-in workstation that will be available to the public. This machine will need to run a single application, no printers, no browser access. Nothing, just a single application.

I figured out how to get a single app to run but how do I turn off all the other stuff I do not need or want? SiteCast, browsers etc.

Michael Pietrzak

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Re: Want to run just a single application 17/09/2019 16:23
Hi Michael,

Thank you for choosing SiteKiosk and submitting your inquiry today. There are many ways for you to accomplish your request. I will list them from easiest to more advanced.

1. Start Screen - You can simply use our Start Screen as a start page to create a rich user experience by adding a background picture of your choice. In addition, you can set one large button link so that when the application closes, the only option is to open it again. You can set the Fullscreen mode options to remove the taskbar and toolbars alike. You can set your screensaver time to refresh the session after periods of inactivity. See links with more details:

2. Browser - With your choice of Chrome or IE engine, you can start SiteKiosk as protection for running your software but can add a picture or local web page as start page URL (only for the background display)(save your files to C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Html) , activate the full screen mode with disabling the taskbar (see link above) and start the application on top. For starting the external application, you will use the option “Run program automatically” (-->Applications-->Add/Edit). See links:

More advanced- create a script.

Hopefully this helps.
Best Regards,
Andre Brown.