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FAQ: Disabling hard drive protection (DriveBack) for SiteCafe Client


Should it become necessary to disable DriveBack manually (i.e. not by using the SiteCafe Client settings), please proceed as follows:

1. Start the Windows XP Recovery Console
You can access the Windows XP Recovery Console by booting from your Windows installation CD.

After inserting your Windows installation CD, press any key after starting the system to boot from the CD. Proceed by pressing the R key.
You can now log on to the console using the administrator password of the operating system installed.

2. Go to the directory “C:\Windows\system32\drivers\”

3. Rename the file “DriveBack.sys” (e.g. to “DriveBack_disabled.sys“)

4. Restart the computer using the “exit” command.

DriveBack is now completely disabled and cannot be reactivated without renaming the DriveBack driver back to its original name.

For more information on the Windows XP Recovery Console and its commands, click here:

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