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Сообщение об ошибке: sitekiosk android rebooting every 30 seconds


Just have to run sitekiosk


I have 2 tablets running android 4.4.2 and sitekiosk 2.4, and they both are relaunching sitekiosk every 30 seconds. Nothing has changed on the configuration, but I'm wondering if someone accidentally upgraded the OS or something while on the road. None of the settings have any effect, and in fact I can only play with sitekiosk settings for 30 seconds until it restarts again.

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Re: sitekiosk android rebooting every 30 seconds 16.10.2017 15:35
have you tried deleting and reinstalling sk for android? you say you think someone may have updated the os. double check that and see that it hasnt been updated and then try reinstalling the android app.
Re: sitekiosk android rebooting every 30 seconds 16.10.2017 22:25
Yes I uninstalled and reinstalled sitekiosk. However now my license key does not work. Do I somehow have to deactivate/reactivate the license?
And it still restarts every 60 seconds.
Re: sitekiosk android rebooting every 30 seconds 25.10.2017 16:39
If you are having licensing issues, I would email sales-us(at)provisio.com. I cannot say for sure what the issue is as far as your licensing goes, you should have been able to reenter it once it was reinstalled. Unless you are using the licensed version on more tablets than you have licenses.

as far as the restarting
take a look at this article about increasing the watchdog time out. another advised method is to find out which app or function on the Android system is blocking the access.

Otherwise you can enable the option “No auto screen lock” available at “Security” with the extended settings in the Android configuration but note that this is less secure.
To enable the extended configuration mode, you need to tap seven times into the upper left corner of the configuration, right on the SiteKiosk Android logo.
Please note the waring dialog, that tells you about the experimental status of the settings that are now unhidden.

please also note that sitekiosk android 2.4 is out of support.