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Support Anfrage: Capcha triggers anti-sabotage mode


We have kiosks deployed to offices for public use to submit forms and look up information. We have SiteKiosk 9.6.7842 running on HP Thin Clients. users launch the webform and enter name, DOB and other details and select 'I am not a robot'. On the pop-up they select the required images and click the verify button. However, even if correctly selecting the images and getting the green tick box, the captcha window doesn't close. If you then click back on the original webform the captcha window disappears but I suspect it doesn't close. Clicking on a button on the webform to continue to the next page throws the device into anti-sabotage mode

Antwort: (3)

Re: Capcha triggers anti-sabotage mode 26.10.2018 17:10
when the site launches there are multiple buttons. You could email the exact steps you take so that i can try to replicate this issue. The anti sabotage message is related to hardware so I am unsure as to why you would get that message while doing something on the web. There also isn't an error message in the log file you attached. Email me the steps you take at adams(at)provisio.com
Re: Capcha triggers anti-sabotage mode 07.11.2018 22:40
Disabling anti-sabotage in the config resolves the kiosk entering anti-sabotage mode but we continue to have the issue with the captcha window not closing. Changing to Chrome as the browser resolves the captcha issue but prevents us from successfully uploading a photo from the webpage. If I close SiteKiosk and launch IE it works without issue.
Re: Capcha triggers anti-sabotage mode 13.11.2018 19:08
For future reference, it seems that Google has changed / fixed the recent changes they made to Google Captchas and it is now working again in SiteKiosk with Metro IE skin as well as the Chrome based browser.