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Support Anfrage: Have you ever experienced a white page using sitekiosk


Hello everyone,
I am wondering if have if ever experienced a white page using sitekiosk with Chrome? I ask this, because I've tested other kiosk software that runs Chrome into kiosk mode, and randomly, with no certain time for it to happen, it shows a white screen, where the only thing you can do is leave the kiosk software, and run it again.

They tell me is a chrome problem, so I am here in a doubt if changing to sitekiosk will solve this problem, or not. Please, help me.

Thank you

Antwort: (1)

Re: Have you ever experienced a white page using sitekiosk 28.03.2019 12:59

A White screen problem cannot be generalized. There also have been white screen problems in the past that were caused by SiteKiosk under certain circumstances but these have been fixed and currently no problems are known.
However, a problem like this can also be caused by the Chrome Browser Engine itself, which is then not a SiteKiosk issue and can only be resolved by adjusting the website code or updating the Chromium CEF version (currently SiteKiosk uses Chromium CEF version 71)..

You are welcome to test everything before purchasing any license. Just download SiteKiosk form here and install it on your Windows system:

Limitations of the unregistered version:
While you can test all features of the unregistered version of SiteKiosk for as long as you want, you will have to put up with the following limitations unless you register your SiteKiosk version:
- It is possible to exit SiteKiosk by typing any password
- A shareware notice will be displayed every 5 minutes throughout the runtime which will block any user input for a period of 30 seconds.
- A registration dialog box will be displayed every time you launch SiteKiosk.
- You will not be able to use any custom settings of the System Security Wizard.
Michael Olbrich