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Support Anfrage: Cant play audio file


My client and I are evaluating sitekiosk software for their touchscreen kiosk here in Singapore. They are looking to deploy my touchscreen with sitekiosk in most of the government schools. My client are from the National Library board and they have individual website for each school to encourage E-Books. However, when running your software, we cant play the audio book within the sitekiosk software. but it can be played on google chrome on the same touchscreen running on Android. can you kindly review this website http://eresources.nlb.gov.sg/edisplay/ereads/ccms/sp_BDSS Please kindly click on "The Golden Compass" and "The Giver", click on preview to access the audio book. we can run the audio file. Please kindly help. Thank you.

Antwort: (5)

Re: Cant play audio file 23.05.2019 21:17
I was able to play The Golden Compass and Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix. The Giver didn't appear to be an audio book. I just double tapped the play button, selected the chapter it wants to preview and then press play again and it plays for me. What version of site kiosk android and android os do you have installed?
Re: Cant play audio file 27.05.2019 12:50
Hi, sorry for the late reply. Our Touchscreen Android version is 5.1.1 and the sitekiosk version is2.9 build 8108 (9219acc1f1af). I have the video of the audio file cannot be played. Is there a way I can send you? Thank you.
Re: Cant play audio file 29.05.2019 03:40
Hi, can you kindly assist? Thanks.
Re: Cant play audio file 29.05.2019 16:11
There is no known issue with playing audio within Sitekiosk. If you were able to play the video in a browser outside of Sitekiosk, then it should work within Sitekiosk, as I was able to test and play audio as well. Has the volume been set in the settings and is the volume turned up?
Re: Cant play audio file 29.05.2019 17:46
Hi, thanks for the reply. We are able to play it with google chrome but when played with sitekiosk, it just wouldn’t load. The dial will just keep spinning and the volume is at max. Even when using chrome within sitekiosk will yield the same results. I have a video which I can send to you. Thanks