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Support Anfrage: Question about SiteKiosk Popups



I use SiteKiosk for running a web application on a visitor guidance system (touch screen). In the web application you can also open an external homepage in a popup window. This is the code I use for opening the popup:

window.open(url,'width=1040,height=1560, scrollbars=yes, top=220, left=10, minimizable=no, resizable=no, titlebar=no');

My problem is, that if you open that popup window and click on the minimize button in the title bar, the window disappears and the user is not able to click on anything else or bring the window to the front again. It seems that it is still in the focus, even after it has been minimized. So the web application is not usable anymore after someone minimizes the popup.

Since the "minimize" function is not working properly, I would like to disable it completely but I'm not sure if this is possible.
The only post I found about this issue is this:

Here you refer to the Skin Customization page:

But I was not able to remove the minimize button.

So is there a way to disable the minimize function or bring the window back into the focus?

My workaround would be a modal with an iframe, but since its cross-domain policies its not possible.


Antwort: (1)

Re: Question about SiteKiosk Popups 13.06.2019 13:08

The minimize icon in the title bar of a new window cannot be disabled or hidden by SiteKiosk because it applies to the Windows system.
The easiest way would be to display the task bar at the bottom so that users can click on the task bar for maximizing the window again (make sure that the option “Hide taskbar in fullscreen mode” at -->Start Page & Browser-->Fullscreen” is not activated).

Alternatively you can disable the fullscreen mode so that the link will opened in a new tab (available with Chrome Browser skin).
At “-->Start Page & Browser-->Customize-->Browser Toolbar” you can configure how the browser bar is displayed (e.g. to only show the tabs) and at “-->Start Page & Browser-->Customize-->Settings” you can hide the taskbar if required.

Another option is to create a custom script that maximizes the window again when it was minimized.
You may have a look at this example. It is about an external application but the min / max function is similar for new browser windows.
But please note that there is no free support on creating custom scripts. If necessary you can order a custom script against charge by sending an e-mail with the description to support-europe(at)provisio.com.
The adjustment fees are depending on the complexity of the changes and in general it costs 120 Euro per hour.

Michael Olbrich