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Support Anfrage: SiteRemote Email Question



I keep getting a SiteRemote email and I can't tell where it is coming from SiteRemote. Below is the email that I keep getting everyday:

Here is what is in the subject line: SITEREMOTE: WARNING. Global limiter in Notification Manager is about to exceed

Here is what is in the body of the email:

The limiter which governs the amount of sent alerts breached the warning limit of 50 per 15 minutes.
Time (UTC): 11/7/2019 12:26:42 AM
This occurred while processing: Team Troop K (13), Terminal hqk.01 (259)

It will be continued to sent alerts until the total limit is breached.

This could be due to unexpected problems like major network problems or too low limits for the limiters.

I have looked at my log files for these terminals that say it is reaching it's limit and I don't see anything in the log files.

Can you help point me in the direction I need to find why this is happening??

Thank you

Antwort: (1)

Re: SiteRemote Email Question 07.11.2019 16:57
This is a general warning for the administrator of the server (sent to the email address that is configured at the “Settings” page of the back end SiteRemote Server administration) that a large number of alerts have been triggered in a certain period of time (more than 50 in 15 Minutes).

This is just a general warning to check the terminal(s) in the team(s) and the alerts that have been triggered. You should see a list of alerts on the machine's overview page under Monitoring. Resolving the cause of the large number of alerts should remove that warning. Usually, it is not necessary but if required the maximum number of alerts and the time span for this warning email can be configured at the “Notification settings” on the “Settings” page of the back end SiteRemote Server administration.