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Shopguard has been in business for more than 22 years. Our products can be found at Bell, Telus, The Source, Indigo, Chapters Canadian Tire and more…
Shopguard has supplied more than 30,000 retail stores and other customers worldwide in over 40 countries in the past 22 years.
Our mission is to create functional and exquisite industrial design: tough security in an elegant and delicate coverage combined with the latest software and visual merchandising technologies. “Being safe” is assured by our research & development team, always providing our customers with state-of-the-art solutions, from securing a product to boosting sales with interactive media solutions and content management. All Shopguard products are offered in a diverse range of styles, allowing the customers and their store designers to choose one that will not only match, but further enhance the design of their unique retail environment.
Shopguard is also proud to be known as a company with great flexibility when it comes to satisfying the customer’s needs by redesigning, customizing, and developing our products to best meet the customer’s expectations and doing all this in the shortest period of time possible.


Komplettsysteme Hardwarekomponenten Software Dienstleistung
individuelle Fertigung
Touchscreen Terminal
Tisch Terminal
Wand Terminal
Retail Kiosk
Produktinformations Kiosk
Self-Service Kiosk
Info Kiosk
Internet Kiosk
Employee Self-Service
Tablet Kiosk (Windows)
Tablet Kiosk (Android)
Digital Signage Player (Windows)
Digital Signage Player (Android)
Touchscreen Monitore
Touchscreens (resistiv, kapazitiv, infrarot)
SiteKiosk Kiosk Software (Windows)
SiteKiosk Kiosk Software (Android)
SiteKiosk Digital Signage Software (Windows)
SiteKiosk Digital Signage Software (Android)
SiteKiosk Videoberatungs-Software (Windows)
SiteRemote Management Software
Contentmanagement Software
Digital Signage Content
Vor Ort Aufbau/Installation
Vor Ort Wartung

Universal Tablet Lock - Table Top

The tablet lock stand can be ordered with a tablet along with the pre-installed SiteKiosk software. Ideal for waiting rooms. Swivel and fixed versions are available.
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Smart Kid`s Table

This table has been designed for children and can be ordered with tablets along with the pre-installed SiteKiosk software and a gaming package. This product is a true Plug&Play solution. Available with or without integrated security alarm units. Ideal for waiting rooms.
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Freestanding Tablet Kiosk

The freestanding tablet post can be ordered with a tablet along with the pre-installed SiteKiosk software. The most economical way to turn your tablets into a real kiosk. Ideal for waiting rooms or any public areas.
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