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Israk Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Offizieller SiteKiosk Reseller


We have everything you need to start your digital signage project. We are trusted by many Malaysian government agencies and private organizations with many successful Digital Signage projects since 2011. Our comprehensive product and services, vast experience, project portfolio, years in business combined with an affordable yet reliable solution, making us most preferred solution provider in Malaysia.

Please surf our website for more information or request quotation to jump start your Digital Signage project today. We also welcome visitor to our office to view, learn and personally experience the digital signage. You may contact 03-8940 1722 to set up an appointment.

Our complete Digital Signage offering is as follows:

Digital Signage Media Player
Industrial-grade Full HD digital signage player which is compact, powerful, designed for 24/7 operation and full featured. Consider a quality player for long term investment. We have both Android and Windows-based Media player.

Digital Signage Software
We offer FREE simple yet powerful as well as full-featured digital signage software to create, design, schedule, broadcast, manage displays and users. We provide training so anyone can quickly learn and use it. Our software allows unlimited layout and custom or ready template design to meet your corporate need.

Signage Professional Display
Professional display offers a significantly better Return on Investment (ROI) because of its' durability and functionality than consumer-grade display. We carry all popular brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, LQ, BenQ, Sony & NEC.

Videowall solution
We offer video wall display, video wall controller and software which allows the client to make a video wall that consist several numbers of display screens, panel or ultra narrow bezel TV put together side by side and on top of each other to become a much larger screen.

Interactive Kiosk
We offer a new and groundbreaking way to communicate with your audience via touchscreen. It is a computer display screen that allow you to interact by using your finger or pointing devices. Integrated with Provisio SiteKiosk, we ensure safeguard the computers for public access by protecting the operating system from manipulation and secure web browser.


Komplettsysteme Hardwarekomponenten Software Dienstleistung
Touchscreen Terminal
Tisch Terminal
Wand Terminal
TFT Standsysteme&Stelen
Barrierefreier Terminal
Retail Kiosk
Photo Kiosk
Produktinformations Kiosk
Self-Service Kiosk
Videomail Kiosk
City Kiosk
Info Kiosk
Gaming Kiosk
Internet Kiosk
Employee Self-Service
Tablet Kiosk (Windows)
Tablet Kiosk (Android)
Digital Signage Player (Windows)
Digital Signage Player (Android)
HDMI-USB-Sticks (Android)
Mini-PCs (Android)
Touchscreen Monitore
Touchscreens (resistiv, kapazitiv, infrarot)
SiteKiosk Kiosk Software (Windows)
SiteKiosk Kiosk Software (Android)
SiteKiosk Digital Signage Software (Windows)
SiteKiosk Digital Signage Software (Android)
SiteKiosk Videoberatungs-Software (Windows)
SiteRemote Management Software
Wayfinder Software
Contentmanagement Software
Betriebssystem Windows
Digital Signage Content
Vor Ort Aufbau/Installation
Vor Ort Wartung
Vor Ort Reparaturservice