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Expertissa Timisoara (former QCT Connect) has as a main scope to realize and operate complex IT solutions, to pan and develop software appications. Our fields of interest are: Document Managemement, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Groupware and Middleware, Internet and Messaging, Systems Management and Integration, providing complete services of consultance and effective development of projects.

Expertissa Timisoara (former QCT Connect) delivers professional services and applications through which to make possible the implementation of IT systems for a wide range of comapanies and organizations. All of these are realized not only by delivering software products, but also by the team-work of experienced consultants with extended knowledge in different domains such as technology and the industrail field.


Komplettsysteme Hardwarekomponenten Software Dienstleistung
Remotemanagement Software
Contentmanagement Software
Betriebssystem Windows
Vor Ort Aufbau/Installation
Vor Ort Wartung
Vor Ort Reinigungsservice
Vor Ort Reparaturservice
Remote Monitoring


Kiosk.connect is a complete informational system (hardware, software and communications) of info kiosks which give the user the possibility to easily access the desired information.

The info kiosks are devices equipped with 'touch-screen' display, and the interface of the application is designed in such a way that a simple touch of the display to make possible the performance of a command. The info kiosks can be either independent equipment or connected in a network or at the Internet so as for the information which is accessed through the kiosks to be as diverse as possible.

The Kiosk.connect application is a software solution of the type of a web portal, based on Open source technology (HTML, Php, MySQL) with an interface specific for info kiosk equipment (touch screen). The way in which the application is administered (the admin's panel) permits the actualization of data which is published by the means of the info kiosk equipment. Kiosk.connect is a completely dynamic application, the admin being able to create, modify or delete any kind of info published through the info kiosk. By info it is understood: categories, pages, images or other attachable files.

Kiosk.connect can be implemented as an integrated system with the Portal.connect solution. In this case, the database used by both applications is a single one, all the information from the portal being automatically published through the info kiosk as well.

References: Timisoara City Hall, Vest University of Timisoara, Arad County, Mehedinti County, Banat Ortodox Church
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