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Support Request: Minimize button


can I ask you is it any posibble disable/hide minimize button? I start kiosk with browser engine Internet Explorer, Metro IE Skin but after click link on the website in pop up window I can click the minimize button and windows is hide in backgroud, is it any chance anchor windows in front?

Thank you very much.

Svoboda Karel

Answer: (1)

Re: Minimize button 10/25/2018 2:54 PM

This is only possible by customizing the skin files.
For the Metro IE Skin the skin files can be found at “…\SiteKiosk\Skins\Windows_8”.
- General Information about customizing SiteKiosk:
- SiteKiosk help:

Alternatively you may check using the “Chrome Browser” skin.
With ”Chrome Browser” skin you can enable and disable the full screen button at “-->Start Page & Browser-->Customize-->Browser Toolbar” (Show Toggle Fullscreen Button).

Michael Olbrich