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Support Request: Reader Access


We have two terminals installed for access control. However, the reader is is able to grant access to 4 BUID cards but not 7 BUID cards.
How can we configure the reader to grant access to 7 BUID cards?

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Re: Reader Access 10/29/2018 9:15 AM

I am sorry but SiteKiosk 8.8 is out of support. This ticket is being closed.

A few general remarks:
SiteKiosk can provide access to removable disks (e.g. USB sticks) with activating and using the integrated file manager:

But the rest applies to the card reader and the operating system. Therefore you should contact the manufacturer of this reader device or the provider of the kiosk pc.
Provisio is a software development company and we do not produce, sell, install or configure kiosk terminals on site.

Michael Olbrich