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Support Request: ADP portal no longer loads


I am using the Chrome skin, and employees use this site for HR purposes and to clock in and out at some locations. They can load the site, then login, but after that, the main page never loads. I have tried enabling all traffic, adding URLs to the allow list, etc. I also have the site listed to use the SiteKiosk object model as well. NPAPI Flash player is already installed because it is needed for the Chrome skin. This site used to work a week ago, but so far none of my kiosks can load this site after signing in. I can force Sitekiosk to use the IE skin, but that breaks a bunch of other sites that rely on the Chrome skin.

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Re: ADP portal no longer loads 11/7/2018 2:55 PM
What happens when you create a fresh new default config file? Do you get the same behavior on an updated version of Sitekiosk?
Re: ADP portal no longer loads 11/7/2018 3:19 PM
I am the latest version that my our license will allow. Is there an update to the Chrome engine in the newer version? The site will load in the IE skin, but we cannot use that because of other incompatibilities.
Re: ADP portal no longer loads 11/7/2018 3:55 PM
You are able to test on 9.6 as well which is the latest as of now. An update to chromium should be in the 9.7 which should be released soon.
Re: ADP portal no longer loads 11/7/2018 4:04 PM
you are also able to debug the web page in the Chrome Browser skin
Re: ADP portal no longer loads 11/7/2018 5:08 PM
After working with the debug window, it looks like the page is making too many calls that Sitekiosk considers to be unsafe and stops loading the page. There are also 5 or 6 javascript errors that don't make any sense to me.
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