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Support Request: Missing backgrounds and missing text



We have recently installed sitekosk and encountered some some issues.
We have a new pc with a freshley installed windows 10, office and sitekiosk.

During the setup there was one occasion that we needed to reconfigure sitekiosk from scratch as it had lost the configuration after a reboot. This is not a problem as this was a onetime event.

The biggest issue we have now:
We use sitekiosk to display and u a specific website.
After a few hours of operation we have the issue stated in the screenshot.
Backgrounds disappear from the site, When we try to shutdown sitekiosk no text is displayed on the exit screen.

This is the first time we encounter this issue and have other sitekiosks running without an issue.

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Re: Missing backgrounds and missing text 11/21/2018 5:15 PM

In regards to your description >>>After a few hours of operation we have the issue stated in the screenshot. <<< this seems to apply to any driver or hardware problem (e.g. graphic card).

Michael Olbrich
Re: Missing backgrounds and missing text 12/3/2018 5:19 PM
Thanks for your response,
We have the same issue with an other client.
In total we have running site kiosk 10+ customers and only 2 are giving issues.
Most of the clients are on older versions, so I suspect a bug in the system.
I will check the version of the customer with the problem and report back.
I suspect this is not a hardware issue but an issue with the rendering engine.
I can upload a new screenshot if needed.
Re: Missing backgrounds and missing text 12/4/2018 9:13 AM

If this would be a general issue of the browser rendering engine it would happen on our Windows 10 test machines or on Windows machines of other customers - which is not the case.
But it still could be a rendering engine issue of the graphics card,

You may first reset the IE settings as the SiteKiosk exit dialog is still used with the IE Webbrowser Control of the installed IE.
Please note that the IE settings are user dependent and you also need to do this in SiteKiosk user account (used in “Auto Start” mode):
But you may first check in “Run once” mode.

Secondly you can check if there is a difference when deactivating the GPU rendering of the IE Webbrowser Control.
For doing this you need to open the SiteKiosk configuration with an editor (e.g. Notepad) and search for the line

<ie9-gpu-rendering enabled="true" />

Change the value to false:

<ie9-gpu-rendering enabled="false" />

Note: You need to start SiteKiosk a second time before this change applies.

Otherwise you may update to the latest version and create a new clean SiteKiosk configuration (only set password and start page URL) and test again.

>>In total we have running site kiosk 10+ customers and only 2 are giving issues.<<<
If the above doesn’t help you need to check the difference between those machines (driver version, installed applications, group, domain policies…)?

Michael Olbrich