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Support Request: hide automatically status bar


I know we can hide status bar in full screen mode but the scrollbar disappear.
Is it possible to remove status bar when full screen mode is disable ?

If no, is it possible to hide automatically the status bar when the full screen mode is disable ? I have already remove all the button but the status bar stay present (with button hide and close). I would like the status bar to reduce automaticaly without any click on the button.

Thank you, best regards.
Matthieu, BM-Tech.

Answer: (1)

Re: hide automatically status bar 12/20/2018 9:09 AM

Do you mean the Browser Bar at the top or the task bar at the bottom?
Which skin you are using?

Generally you can hide both (browser bar and task bar) by enabling the permanent fullscreen mode at “-->Start Page & Browser-->Fullscreen” with "Hide the taskbar in fullscreen mode" activated . This does not apply to any scroll bar display. It only will not be displayed anymore when the content fits on the screen then or if you enable the checkbox “Always hide scroll bars in fullscreen mode (IE only)” (or if the web page developer has added code to hide the scroll bar).

Michael Olbrich