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Support Request: application cannot start sub-application


Hi there -
We are using sitekiosk 9.5 in Chrome Skin (win10).
We added our "Application1.exe" in "Sitekiosk Configuration"->"Applications", and added 'Application2.exe' in "Indirectly Launched Programs".
and checked "Start application automatically".
Then, Application1.exe starts well after sitekiosk started.
But Application1.exe cannot start Application2.exe. Seems Sitekiosk forbid Application2.exe.

We removed settings from "Sitekiosk Configuration"->"Applications", and Start "Application1.exe" by script below,, true);
then everything works correct.

However, setup in "Sitekiosk Configuration"->"Applications" is easier for us. Do you have any idea to get it works without scripts?
thank you very much!

Answer: (1)

Re: application cannot start sub-application 12/28/2018 9:57 AM

SiteKiosk has no way to manipulate the inner workings of another application other than with the Windows and Dialogs management feature ( If that security feature blocks something you see an alert message and there is also a corresponding entry in the logs (

Also note that restrictions of the SiteKiosk user may apply. This is the Windows user that SiteKiosk is using when running in Autostart mode. You can make changes to this user's restrictions with the help of the System Security Manager (

If none of the above applies, then the application you are running behaves differently when started within different code execution environments.