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Support Request: Registration


We currently have 5 license for 8.5
I purchase 5 for license this morning wanting to use them with 5 more installs of 8.5.
When I put my new registration information into 8.5 it will not recognize it. Can you make this work or add additional license to my existing account?

Answer: (1)

Re: Registration 1/4/2019 3:58 PM
We highly recommend using the most recent version of SiteKiosk with your new licenses. SiteKiosk 8.5 is no longer supported and IE11 support started with SiteKiosk 8.8. Windows 10 support started with SiteKiosk 9. The most recent version of SiteKiosk also supports both IE- and Chrome-based browsers.

It is possible to add your new licenses to an existing license for an older version. Please email that request to sales-america(at) with the old license and the new license that you want to add to that. Please do not post any license information here in the support forum.