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Support Request: Configuration DEACTIVATED


Town of Carolina Beach SKNP 102723 - 5 License(s)

We changed IT companies last year and now need to access the configuration to put new URL at kiosk. Problem is, when we login as admin using old IT password, the configuration says it is "deactivated". Everything is "deactivated" in the box that comes up. Is there anything we can do to re-activate the configuration module without having to re-load the software again?


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Re: Configuration DEACTIVATED 1/7/2019 3:05 PM
Are you able to take a screenshot and email it to adams(at) even if the copy of sitekiosk became unregistered for some reason, none of the options would be "deactivated". At the least, it may be best to reinstall the software to see if that solves the issue.