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Support Request: SiteKiosk - File Manager suddenly stops working viewing PDF files.


Good day,
Is there and know issue on SiteKiosk system with regards to "File Manager" function unable to open/view shared .PDF files?
Previously, our SiteKiosk system works fine opening and viewing .PDF files using file manager until last week when it shows some error (fig.2) and/or being blocked (fig.3) all of sudden. It is working since 2017, users can able to browse PDF files on file manager where we shared the folder (fig.4).
Upon troubleshooting, I've checked and verified Adobe Reader ver. 2015 & 2017 folder path file:// in the surfing area but with no luck (fig.5).
Tried reinstalling and installing different ver. of Adobe reader but still can't open/view from "File Manager". However, SiteKiosk can open/view .PDF files in other SiteKiosk windows, outside file manager all PDF files can be open/view (fig.6). I've checked all settings configuration and play around it from "System Security Manager" and "Configure SiteKiosk" and still can't work it out.

I appreciate any inputs and assistance on how to make it work from File Manager. Thank you.

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Re: SiteKiosk - File Manager suddenly stops working viewing PDF files. 1/23/2019 4:59 PM
Are you able to download a pdf from any other site? like a test pdf from google? If not what does your logfile say? Since you are getting the access denied error, do you have downloads enabled, or access to other web addresses set to denied?
Re: SiteKiosk - File Manager suddenly stops working viewing PDF files. 1/23/2019 6:08 PM
YES, basically I can view PDF files outside the File Manager, like for example the web application running on sitekiosk when a PDF file link to it can be viewed accordingly.
However, when opening/viewing PDF file stored on a shared folder which is assigned to view/browse in the file manager and when it open it shows that error message or the access denied pop-up window.

Our settings are, we have a shared folder which is set to SiteKiosk File Manager for the user to be viewed. I can put some PDF documents in that shared folder that the user will be able to browse and view. After they're done with it I will then remove the PDF files.
Basically, it is a browsing shared folder running in SiteKiosk system in a lockdown computer. We have this system running fine from late 2017 until last week we've encountered this error shown in the attached screenshot and only PDF files are not opening in File Manager. Files like TIFF & JPG are working fine, I've also checked the System Security Manager, Configure SiteKiosk settings and modified Config.xml added the given extension types but still not able to work for PDF to view in File Manager function. This is very strange since we are able to open it previously.
I have tried reinstalling and installing Adobe Reader ver. 2015 up to 2017 with no luck, again only if viewing from File Manager - other window of sitekiosk works fine.

I appreciate any inputs and thanks in advance.
Re: SiteKiosk - File Manager suddenly stops working viewing PDF files. 1/24/2019 2:55 PM
This was solved by adding the file path to the desired directory to the surfing area and granting access within the URLs/paths section.
Re: SiteKiosk - File Manager suddenly stops working viewing PDF files. 1/24/2019 5:10 PM
Unfortunately, I found out that this approach did not met our organization standard, it breaks the lockdown and had access to the internet/websites which is not recommended that's why we choose to lockdown the system enforcing it with SiteKiosk.
I hope there are other altenative ways to do this, it is only happening when "File Manager" features is being used. Outside from file manager every window, access, file format opened are working fine, but on File Manager only .PDF is not opening.
Re: SiteKiosk - File Manager suddenly stops working viewing PDF files. 1/31/2019 8:24 PM
Hi Adry,

Is it possible to give you a call today or for you to call in so we can walk through this? There isn’t an issue with viewing pdfs in the file manager, so it just might be a matter of file paths or where the pdf is being stored.