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Support Request: Bypass pop up appearing on website


There is a website that I want to display using Sitecaster.
When you open this first time on a normal Windows browser it gives a pop up display to accept terms and conditions.
On same machine for same user it never asks for it again.
I have deployed this using sitecaster and accepted the terms and conditions to use the website. Everytime the screen is refreshed (slideshow) the pop up reappears.
Is there an option to bypass this popup or prevent this from reappearing again?

Answer: (2)

Re: Bypass pop up appearing on website 2/20/2019 4:21 PM
If you uncheck the option to "Delete user data" do you get the same behavior? That seemed to resolve it in my test. To do this, open your project and select the web page element then click Edit. Uncheck "Delete user data" and republish.

You also have the option to automatically refresh the page on an interval that you select.
Re: Bypass pop up appearing on website 2/21/2019 6:33 AM
Thanks. Worked perfectly.