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Support Request: System locks up


A client is running our proprietary URL software on their kiosk.

However, after rebooting the machine, he sees our application briefly and clicks on a button. Instead of showing us the site page, there appears a big white TOUCH TO START button in the middle of the screen. At that point, he cannot ESCAPE out of the program, cannot click to go anywhere, and the system just locks up. So he has to reboot, then it starts all over again. After booting - the guy did see a "SiteKiosk" screen pop up quickly but he couldn't read it as it disappeared too quickly. The touch features do work on the screen/kiosk, but once that Touch to Start button appears, no keyboard commands work.

Do you know what may be causing this? They are on an older SiteKiosk from maybe 2010-2011 running Windows. Our application resides here, and it is functioning as normal.

My first theory was to update Flash. However, he is unable to Exit our proprietary software to get to the Windows desktop. These are the instructions I told him to follow, but he cannot get past #1.

To Exit our program and SiteKiosk and get to the Windows desktop you will need to:

1) Press the “Escape” button to leave our software
2) In the ensuing pop-up, enter the password “********”
3) In the ensuing screen, there should several headings with options. Under the SiteKiosk Administration Option, click on: “Log off user (start settings are not changed)”
4) The Windows log in may appear. Enter “Administrator” as the user name and leave the password blank unless you established a password earlier.

Would you mind recommending, in order of occurrence, what measures I can take to troubleshoot with this person? Without exiting SiteKiosk, I feel helpless. To complicate matters, I am a "Mac" person, so I don't know any Windows tricks to snap this unit out of its slumber.

Our proprietary link was designed to work with this unique version of SiteKiosk, and no updates have been made on our side to that link, or on his side to the Windows Software.

Thanks! Laura

Answer: (1)

Re: System locks up 2/25/2019 9:43 PM
To exit SiteKiosk the default key combinations are either "Esc" or "Ctrl+Alt+F8". If it is neither of those the person who configured SiteKiosk on this computer set up a custom key combo. You can try tapping the four corners of the screen within 3 seconds. That can also display the password dialog at which point they can continue from step 2.

What is your SiteKiosk version and OS where SiteKiosk is running? Are you using the IE or Chrome based browser in SiteKiosk? When I tested the link on Windows 10 with SiteKiosk 9.7 with the Chrome option in SiteKiosk the page seemed to open normally.