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Support Request: Browser Authentication Dialog


I have a web application that uses IIS and Windows Authentication. I am using SiteKiosk as a full screen browser to view the application. Due to the Windows authentication, Chrome displays the authentication dialog. My need is to have SiteKiosk enter the username and password when the dialog is presented. I have been looking through the Android Object Model documentation and I don't see a way to send keystrokes to the application.

I have tried using siteKiosk.apps.current.onShow in the startup script but I don't see a way to send keystorkes. Another problem with this approach is the onShow event doesn't seem to get fired until the escape window is displayed, which seems really weird.

Is what I'm trying to accomplish possible with SiteKiosk?

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Re: Browser Authentication Dialog 2/26/2019 7:19 PM
Generally saving log ins is contrary to the purpose of a kiosk software. With SiteKiosk Android there is no auto login available.

You can check if you can disable the windows authentication for that device on the server. If not, you would need to switch to SiteKiosk Windows.
With SiteKiosk Windows you can use the Windows authentication feature of IE when using an IE based skin.
Or you can create a custom script for login to a page.
Here you find articles about auto login to a web page via custom script: