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Support Request: Program not allowed under restricted user


Hi - we are running a few machines with Windows 10 Pro and SiteKiosk, and on these machines we also have our own additional software to manage a series of lockers.

But for some reason our updated version of this locker control program is now excluded from the SiteKiosk restricted user, unless I make the SiteKiosk Unprotected during the installation, and this was not needed with the old version of our locker control program.

Is it possible to get some information what our locker control program must contain to be accepted under the restricted user, so I can inform our developers about what must be changed?

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Re: Program not allowed under restricted user 2/26/2019 12:20 PM

As your application works in "Auto Start" mode while the SiteKiosk user account is set to “Unprotected” you most likely have to adjust program access and/or directory access rights.
These can for example include read AND write access to the corresponding directories of your application.

You can use the System Security Wizard to adjust this and other rights for the SiteKiosk user (Customized-->Folder access):

Generally SiteKiosk has no direct influence to external applications but 2 settings that restrict the execution:

1. Windows & Dialogs Management:
SiteKiosk can block certain dialogs with using the Windows & Dialogs Management.
If you want / need to allow a specific Dialog that is blocked by default you can create a new entry with corresponding title at “-->Access/Security-->Block system critical windows & dialog boxes-->Settings” (or even delete the corresponding entry that blocks the window)

When SiteKiosk blocks a certain window you will find a notification in the SiteKiosk log (…\SiteKiosk\Logfiles).
[SiteKiosk] Notification: According to the windows monitoring rule(Title:'xxxxxx' Class:'xxxx') the window (Title:'xxxxxxxx' Class:'xxxxxxxxx') will be closed

Further information here:

2. User access rights of the SiteKiosk user:
In “Auto Start” mode the SiteKiosk Browser will be started within the restricted local SiteKiosk user account.
This also applies to access rights to the folders (read only, read & execute, blocked….) and blocking certain EXE programs.

To change user rights for the SiteKiosk user you can use the System-Security-Manager (e.g. providing full access to the folder where the EXE you want to start is stored to).
Further information here:

You may also check this troubleshooting guidelines for using external applications:

Michael Olbrich